Reasons to Wear Lingerie

Reasons to Wear Lingerie

Most of us don’t wear sexy undies every day, some of us don’t wear them at all but do we really need a big reason to have at least one or two gorgeous sets for those special occasions? If you haven’t thought about it, or sexy lingerie was never on your list of priorities, here’s some great reasons to give it a try.

Boost of Confidence

In our overly busy, driven lives sometimes it is hard for us to take the time for ourselves, to feel good and especially to look good.  Often it is not worth the effort.  But slipping on some gorgeous lingerie or underwear underneath your day or work clothes is fast and easy and can often give a boost of confidence that will help you get through the day.  Feeling sexy even if noone else knows why can put a whole different outlook on the average day.


Running around all day in sensual underwear is a great way to get in the mood especially if you have some extra curricular activities planned with your partner for later that evening. You will be in a state of anticipation for most of the day, and if you think your partner can’t catch on to the signals you are throwing off, well, give it a try and let me know how it went.

Feeling Desirable

Lingerie is made to look sexy.  It works. It is designed to enhance your curves, hide your flaws, play peek-a-boo with your important parts and to inflame your partner beyond all reason. It may be the fact that you bought and are wearing something especially for him, a private showing. Or it may be that he knows he has a really good chance of getting “lucky” tonight.  If you are feeling like your sexlife is in a rut, add some spice with some sexy lingerie and add some killer heels just because you can.

Here are some more great reasons to Wear Lingerie